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ASH Hypertension Self-Assessment Guide

The ASH Hypertension Self-Assessment Guide is a state-of-the-art review of hypertension written by over 40 recognized leaders in the field designed to raise the level of knowledge of all of those who are responsible in any way for the care of the patient with hypertension.

The complete Guide contains 30 chapters which cover topics in Basic Science, Diagnostic Evaluation, Secondary Hypertension, Treatment and Special Conditions. (See outline below.) Each chapter contains questions that provide a critical assessment of the reader's knowledge. CME credit is available for the successful completion of each chapter.

The ASH Self-Assessment Guide articles, references and questions are published each month in the Journal of the American Society of Hypertension (JASH). The Self-Assessment Guide Post-Test (with CME credit) can be found on the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) website https://secure.ptcny.com/webtest/

The Society hopes that qualified individuals who review and study this material will be better prepared to treat hypertension patients and even be inspired to take the ASH Hypertension Specialist examination.

ASH Hypertension Self-Assessment Guide Outline
(click here for full Hypertension Self-Assessment Guide)

I. Basic Science

II. Diagnostic Evaluation

III. Secondary Hypertension

IV. Treatment

V. Treatment: Special Conditions