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Compliance Committee

Steven A. Atlas, MD, FASH
Robert D. Brook, MD, FASH
Brent M. Egan, MD, FASH
William J. Elliott, MD, PhD, FASH
Carlos M. Ferrario, MD
F. Wilford Germino, MD, FASH
Daniel T. Lackland, DrPH, FASH
Michael A. Moore, MD, FASH
Robert A. Phillips, MD, PhD, FASH
Gary L. Schwartz, MD, FASH
Sandra J. Taler, MD, FASH
Jackson T. Wright, Jr., MD, PhD, FASH

The Mission of the Compliance Committee is to oversee the development, implementation and management of compliance policies of the Society relating to transparency in all professional areas for ASH Responsible Persons (Board Members, National Committee Members, Regional Chapter Presidents, Journal Editors and Senior Executive Staff) and for ASH CME Activity Planning Committee/Faculty Members. The Compliance Committee also serves as an appeals forum for issues relating to conflicts of interest relating to ASH Leadership Members and Society Executive Staff Members.

With regard to CME activities, the Society has developed several mechanisms of resolution including presentation review for 1) fair balance, 2) scientific objectivity, and 3) levels of evidence.

The Compliance Committee works collaboratively with the ASH CME Committee, as the Compliance Committee function maintains the Society’s adherence to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.