Medications for High Blood Pressure

Can Medicine Really Lower Your Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure is often treated with a daily medicine regimen, which is given to you by a healthcare provider. There are several types of medications that can lower your blood pressure and ask your doctor which is best for you. Some people may have to take more than one medication to help control their blood pressure.

The medicine does not cure high blood pressure, it can control it. You will likely have to take medicine to control your blood pressure permanently. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your experiences with taking blood pressure medications.

What Blood Pressure Medications Are There?

Click here for a list of blood pressure medicines, their names, and some useful information. The table shows drug name using the generic name of the medicine. If you do not see the name of your medication on this list, you may have the brand name of the drug. This list only has generic names.

You can find the generic name of your medication either by looking at the label on the bottle or the information that came with your prescription.

Double Brace: If you take your medicine in the morning, try placing the bottles of pills next to your tooth brush and take your medicine before or after brushing your teeth If you have to take your medicine a night, place the bottle of pills next to the light on your night stand or on your pillow so that you remember to take it before going to sleep.

What Happens If You Miss A Dose?

It is very important that you take you medication exactly as your doctor said you should. Not taking your medication because you missed a dose or skipped a pill can make the treatment ineffective.

Take action to help you remember to take your medicine

  1. Think about the time of day you should be taking your medicine and write it down somewhere visible.
  2. Try to take you medicine as part of something you do every day.

Here is a downloadable sheet to help you with medication adherence!

Potential Side Effects of Medication

New medications for high blood pressure have less side-effects than the older blood pressure medicines. The majority of side-effects occur shortly after starting the drug, not years later. Some side-effects actually get better when your body gets 'used to' the medication; the dosage may also be decreased to lessen side effects.

Although there are a lot of possible side-effects listed on medication information you may receive from the pharmacy, most of the side-effects are not likely to happen to you. Your healthcare provider is aware of possible side-effects and chooses your medication in order to reduce the risk of experiencing side-effects. If you are currently experiencing possible side-effects from you blood pressure medication, contact your healtcare provider before you stop taking your medication.


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