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ASH Society Information: ASH FLASH

To keep its membership abreast on current Society information, news, events, and programs, ASH has created an email newsletter equipped with pertinent links to directly bring members to the information they need to know.

To view previous ASH FLASH issues, please click on any of the following links.

ASH Flash - March 2013 Updates, Deadlines, and Reminders
ASH Flash - February 2013 Updates and Announcements
ASH Flash - January 2013
ASH Flash - Hypertension Not So Simple: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Would Provide a More Accurate Measurement of the Prevalence of Hypertension
ASH Flash - September 2012
ASH Flash - January 2012
ASH Flash - August 2011
ASH Flash - November 2010
ASH Flash - July 2010
ASH Flash - May 2010

Please contact the ASH Headquarters if you have any questions about the ASH FLASH at 212-696-9099.

For paid advertising in the ASH FLASH, please contact Angel Loayza at 212-696-9099 or via email at aloayza@ash-us.org.