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Home » Education » Virtual Clinical Hypertension Review Course

The ASH CLINICAL HYPERTENSION REVIEW COURSE is a comprehensive, rigorous immersion course in clinical Hypertension and is now available as an Online/Virtual Course. Physicians and other health care providers can take advantage of this educational activity by (1) purchasing a Course DVD click here, (2) registering for a link to the Virtual Review Course click here, or (3) purchasing the Course Syllabus click here.


Session 1: A Refined Definition of Hypertension

Session 2: Pathophysiologic Mechanisms in Hypertension

Session 3: Diagnostic Evaluation of Hypertension

Session 4: The Hypertension Syndrome and Target Organ Involvement

Session 5: Identifiable Causes of Hypertension

Session 6: Case Discussions

Session 7: Therapy of Hypertension: Evolving Concepts

Session 8: Evolving Therapeutic Strategies

Session 9: Challenges and Insights