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ASH Creates Opportunity for Active Member Participation at the Local Level

In an active effort to assist members of the Society to address education, research and issues relating to hypertension at the local level, the Executive Council of the American Society of Hypertension, Inc. (ASH) has established a mechanism for local Society members to establish Chapters of the Society at a city, state or regional level. Given the successful and critical outcomes of the its Annual Scientific Meeting and the establishment of the ASH Specialist Program Inc ., the Leadership of the Society has identified several pathways by which Chapters could extend and make present the mission of the Society at the regional level, while serving as a vehicle to retain and draw new members to the Society:

To promote hypertension awareness, detection, treatment and control in the areas served by the Chapters.
To develop and implement hypertension outreach community initiatives to address state and local constituencies
To provide special patient population groups, e.g., children, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, etc., with current information and programs to increase awareness of hypertension and current clinical treatment strategies.
To provide educational opportunities in current hypertension research and clinical treatment strategies for primary care physicians, physician specialists, and Designated Specialists in Clinical Hypertension
To encourage physicians to become Designated Specialists in Clinical Hypertension, while promoting the recognition and utilization of current specialists
To encourage and guide young clinical investigators to pursue hypertension in their professional career development.
To serve as an advocate with state and local government and third party payers for appropriate reimbursement for hypertension care.
To promote hypertension-teaching modules for medical students as an integral component of the medical school curriculum based on the Core Curriculum for Clinical Hypertension.
To identify funding sources for hypertension research & education for local scientists, physicians, clinical investigators, and health care professionals in training.
To recruit new members for the National Society.

Recognizing that ASH Chapters are to be separately incorporated, non-subsidiary entities licensed by the Society, the ASH Executive Council developed and approved the following Mission and Purpose Statement for ASH Chapters:

The Chapters shall further the objectives of the American Society of Hypertension, Inc. (ASH) by organizing and conducting educational activities designed to promote and encourage the development, advancement, and exchange of scientific information in all aspects of research, diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, and related cardiovascular diseases in its geographical region.

Chapters will have a local impact on hypertension education by exercising a key role in promoting public awareness, prevention, timely detection and management of hypertension and related cardiovascular disease.

With the identification of the vision and mission statements for Chapters as well as the identification of potential Chapter strategies, ASH revised its Bylaws to provide for a Board of Governors and a Chapter Relations Committee by which Chapters are represented in the governance structure of the national Society.

The ASH Executive Council at its September 9, 2000 meeting approved Guidelines for (a) ASH Chapter Application Protocol, (b) ASH Chapter Bylaws Template, (c) ASH Chapter Licensing Requirements.

Click the links below to download these documents:

ASH Chapter Application Protocol
ASH Chapter Bylaws Template
ASH Chapter Licensing Requirements

Utilizing these guidelines individual members now have the opportunity, once regional chapter needs and strategies are identified, to form a steering committee and to initiate the application process. While these guidelines reference structure, governance, management & administration, the Society anticipates that Chapter focus will be on programmatic and professional concerns, with an effective and efficient administrative support structure.

To assist ASH Chapters in their initial growth and development, ASH provides an initial, one-time seed grant of $25,000 through an unrestricted educational grant to the Society provided by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Company to assist in the establishment of these Society components.

Current Society Chapters

Carolinas, Georgia & Florida Regional Chapter
(Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)
Incorporated June 18, 2001.
Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter
(Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia)
Incorporated May 3, 2001.
Eastern Regional Chapter
(Connecticut, New Jersey, New York)
Incorporated November 15, 1985.
On February 21, 2001 the Eastern Hypertension Society voted to become an ASH Regional Chapter.

Gulf Central Regional Chapter
(Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Louisiana and Mississippi)
Incorporated May 9, 2000.

Delaware Valley Chapter
(Delaware and Pennsylvania)
Incorporated in 2005.