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ASH Overview

Given the ever increasing prevalence of hypertension in the United States and the issues involved in treating cases of resistant and complex hypertension, the Leadership of the American Society of Hypertension, Inc. (ASH) recognizes that hypertension can no longer be considered as a single disease entity. While hypertension is the most prevalent cause of stroke and kidney failure, hypertension must be recognized as part of a bigger disease conglomerate almost always accompanied by obesity, diabetes, kidney disease or many other co-existing problems involving lifestyle and/or genetics.

Established in 1985 to provide a forum for the exchange of information among basic scientists, clinical investigators and others involved in the study or management of high blood pressure, ASH is dedicated to the advancement of science, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and its consequences-with special emphasis on treating cases of resistant and complex hypertension. ASH remains committed to eliminating hypertension and its consequences through a renewed and vigorous focus on translational research leading to effective treatment strategies for patients.

  • ASH serves as Scientific Forum for translational research in hypertension and related vascular disorders
    • Serves as a collegial networking forum for domestic and international basic scientists and clinical investigators translating bench and clinical research findings for hypertension and its consequences into efficacious treatment strategies
      • ASH Annual Scientific Meeting
      • Serves as the publisher of scientific, academic and patient information on hypertension
      • Official Journal:
  • ASH is a Repository of leading hypertension national and international experts
    • Scientific award recognition of investigators and health care providers
  • ASH serves as a Clinical Forum for Hypertension Specialists and other hypertension health care providers -physician specialists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, PharmDs
    • Serves as an ACCME Accredited Education Provider for physicians and other health care providers presenting high quality educational activities that translate current research into effective treatment strategies
      • Annual Scientific Meeting
      • Clinical Hypertension Review Course
      • Regional Symposia
      • Enduring Materials
    • Position papers
    • ASH Hypertension Patient Registry
  • ASH is a Resource and advocate for patients with hypertension
    • Serves as a coordinating center for hypertension community outreach programs
    • Patient Portal - ASH Website
    • Hypertension Specialists Online Directory
    • Designated Hypertension Centers
    • Patient Pamphlets and educational material
  • ASH serves as an active professional partner with government, industry and related professional organizations on public policy issues and hypertension community outreach programs

ASH initiatives integrate not only investigators and physicians, but all hypertension health care providers-including primary care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and PharmDs--to promote hypertension detection, awareness, prevention, treatment and control for patients and the public at large.