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ASH Strategic Plan

The ASH strategic plan-adopted in February 2014-is intended to extend its focus toward a more patient-centered orientation while maintaining its critical role as a scientific and educational forum for clinical investigations in hypertension and related cardio-renal diseases.

The ASH strategic plan will alter some of its focus toward a more patient-centered
orientation but will maintain its excellent programs in translating research into education
for our professional members.

“ASH is a growing and diverse organization that works to improve hypertension
outcomes throughout the United States.”

“To improve hypertension related outcomes through translation of research, education,
and promotion of new and effective patient-centered population health strategies.”

Action Items Based on Categories of Work for the Next 2 Years

  • Hypertension Provider Education
    • Engage new sponsors for educational programs
    • Provide continuing education credit for non-physician providers
  • Advocacy/Research/Guidelines:
    • Develop electronic strategies that will expand our website patient portal, provider portal, search engine optimization, and involvement with social media
    • Document and publish effectiveness of ASH Hypertension Specialists Program in promoting higher performance by providers
    • Set up ASH task force to develop Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Insurer strategies
  • Public Outreach/Patient Initiatives:
    • Develop public awareness and education strategy at strategic time points
    • Develop corporate wellness strategies for hypertension management and control