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ASH Strategic Plan

Vision - Commitment Of The Society


  • Focus on hypertension in the United States and its ramifications from research to clinical practice to public health issues, to diverse population groups
  • Concern for patients with hypertension and those who treat them
  • Translating basic and applied research into effective hypertension prevention and treatment strategies
  • Promoting scientific integrity and transparency
  • Providing quality education for health care professionals and the public about translational research in hypertension and related treatment strategies
  • Fostering collegiality among hypertension researchers and health care professionals


  • Focus on translational research in hypertension and related cardiovascular disease, especially among diverse population groups in the United States.
  • Commonality of scientific and clinical interests among Society Members relating to hypertension and its related cardiovascular risk conditions
  • Recognized hypertension thought leaders who are highly competent educators who can transmit best practices and new research to a wide array of audiences.
  • High quality of the Society Annual Scientific Meeting focused on hypertension and its related cardiovascular risk conditions
  • Recognized excellence as an accredited ACCME provider of CME for Hypertension education


  • PUBLIC OUTREACH: To promote hypertension awareness, detection, prevention, treatment and control to patients and the public at large
  • NETWORKING FORUM: To serve as a forum for the exchange of translational research in hypertension
  • ADVANCEMENT OF RESEARCH: To encourage the advancement of translational research in all manner and type of study and treatment of hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases.
  • EDUCATION TO ALL TARGET GROUPS: To provide educational programs to assist those individuals with a scientific and/or clinical interest in the development, advancement, and exchange of translational research in hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases


  • To serve as the voice of hypertension
  • To improve awareness, detection, prevention, treatment and control of hypertension
  • To lead the effort to understand and reduce hypertension-related heart and kidney disease, stroke and dementia
  • To foster and facilitate the training of young and new investigators in hypertension
  • To increase the number and diversity of professional and lay members
  • To advocate for better care for patients and health care providers treating hypertension patients.


The Society addresses the needs and interests of a number of target groups: researchers through patients and the public-at-large

  • Basic science and clinical investigators in hypertension and associated disorders
  • Designated Specialists in clinical hypertension
  • Nephrologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, epidemiologists, internists and other clinical specialists
  • Health care professionals, including primary care physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists
  • Medical students, Residents and Fellows
  • Persons with hypertension, those at risk for hypertension and lay public
  • Health care policy makers, including national, state and local government representatives
  • Health care organizations, foundations and payers
  • Pharmaceutical, nutrition and medical device representatives

VISION - COMMITMENT OF THE SOCIETY -- (Identified in 2006)
"To eliminate hypertension and its consequences"

The ASH Vision Statement defines the desired contribution of the organization to society-at-large. This Statement describes how the world – or some portion of it- will be changed because the organization exists. This Statement is intended to be a broad, inspirational statement that is not intended to be directly measurable.

MISSION STATEMENT - (Identified in 2006)

"To translate and promote current translational research in hypertension and vascular disease into effective treatment strategies for patients with hypertension and associated disorders."

The ASH Mission Statement is a broad statement of the function of role of the Society defining its desired contribution to its constituents. This Mission statement is intended to provide a long-term view of why the organization exists. This Mission Statement is not intended to be directly measurable.

ASH STRATEGIES --- ASH is committed to:

  • ENHANCING the education and treatment of patients with hypertension
  • EDUCATING health care professionals regarding translational research in hypertension and treatment strategies
    • To provide hypertension educational programs
    • To conduct hypertension seminars, meetings, courses, and convocations
    • To publish and disseminate hypertension enduring materials
    • To publish and distribute hypertension journals, books, reports, abstracts ASSISTING health care professionals in addressing the challenges of the modern-day care of patients with hypertension
  • ADVOCATING public policy that enhances hypertension prevention, supports increased hypertension research, promotes hypertension patient education and treatment resources, appropriate reimbursement for hypertension health care providers.
  • FACILITATING communication and collaboration among providers, investigators, policymakers, industry and patients in areas relating to hypertension and vascular health
  • PROMOTING the career development of researchers in hypertension and associated disorders, including research in the pathobiology, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and psychosocial aspects of hypertension
The Strategies of the Society outline general or conceptual approaches to accomplishing and achieving the mission and goals of the organization. Strategy refers to general choices made by the Society in order to achieve its purpose, goals and objectives, Strategies imply the choice of the Society in the deployment of resources, while stating "how" it seeks to achieve its goals and objectives.