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ASH Education and Research Foundation

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As a major contributor to heart disease, a leading cause of death in the United States, high blood pressure (HBP) has become an alarming health concern for as many as 1 in 3 American adults, who now face increased risks for chronic kidney disease, stroke, and heart attack/heart failure.

Given its severe impact on patient health, its high prevalence, and the low control rates (more than half of Americans with HBP do not have it under control), the Society Has established the ASH Education and Research Foundation to address this national health problem and advance the detection, awareness, prevention and treatment of hypertension and its consequences.

By supporting initiatives to improve patient outcomes, promote translational research, and provide hypertension education and services to patients and health care professionals, the ASH Foundation aims to advocate on behalf of patients and health care providers with a focus on achieving blood pressure targets.

With the larger goal of improving patient care, the Foundation raises funds through individuals and institutions to support hypertension-related initiatives and programs.


  • Funding for National Hypertension Scientific Awards, Travel Grants for Young Investigators
  • ASH Hypertension Community Outreach Expansion
  • Fund initiatives to improve hypertension patient outcomes
  • Implementation of the ASH Website Hypertension Patient Portal
  • Promotion of Hypertension as a career option to young physicians


In accordance with national goals of reducing hypertension in adult populations by 10% over the next decade as established by the DHHS "Healthy People 2020" initiative, the ASH Foundation has initially identified the following strategies to achieve its goals:

  • Hypertension Community Outreach Initiatives for patients and public with focus on underserved and special populations with disparities
  • Patient education materials, patient public forums, patient website assistance and screenings
  • In-Service Training for health care personnel at community-based clinics, especially primary care providers
  • Designation of medical practices as ASH Designated Hypertension Centers for patient referral and online directory for designated specialists in clinical hypertension
  • Hypertension Education for primary care physicians and other hypertension health care providers in cities and rural areas, with focus on underserved and special populations with disparities.
  • Programs to focus on current effective treatment strategies for patients based on translational research (bench to practice).
  • Programs to recruit physicians to become hypertension specialists to address more difficult-to-treat hypertension patient
  • Expansion of the ASH Hypertension Registry to promote quality improvement and practice-based research
  • Residency Programs in Hypertension and support for young investigators
  • To establish and support residency programs in hypertension, as well as scholarships for young investigators.

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  • About one out of three U.S. adults-31.3%-has high blood pressure and is at major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease.[i]
  • High blood pressure was listed as a primary or contributing cause of death for 326,000 Americans in 2006 and in 2010 it will cost the United States $76.6 billion in health care services, medications, and missed days of work.[ii]
  • About 70% of those with high blood pressure and took medication had their high blood pressure controlled. The control rate was 46.6% among all hypertensive patients.
  • 25% of American adults have prehypertension-blood pressure numbers that are higher than normal, but not yet in the high blood pressure range.
  • Prehypertension raises your risk for high blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular diseases kill more than 800,000 adults in the US each year. Of these, 150,000 are younger than age 65.
  • 68 million U.S. adults have high blood pressure.
  • Nearly 2 out of 3 adults with high LDL cholesterol and about half of adults with high blood pressure don't have their condition under control.[iii]
  • Having health insurance is not sufficient to achieve the control.
  • Improvements in the way health care is delivered in the U.S. are needed.[iv]

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